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Tax Planning for 2010–Here’s What to Do

MAXIMIZE YOUR RETIREMENT ACCOUNT CONTRIBUTIONS If you haven’t contributed the maximum to your tax-deferred 401(k) retirement savings account, some employers allow you to catch up for the current year. For 2010, you can contribute a maximum of $16,500 (and an additional $5,500 if you’re over 50 years of age by the end of the tax …

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Important Dates

04/10 – Gather tip income from employees 04/15 – HAPPY TAX DAY! Partnership and Individual tax returns due!! Monthly payroll tax deposit due for Mar; 2012 1st Qtr Estimated Tax Payment due 04/20 – Idaho Withholding and Sales tax due for Mar/1st Qtr 04/30 – 1st Quarter federal payroll tax reports due; 940 payment due …

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