A client just contacted me to ask about a phone call and voice mail that she received, in which the caller’s message stated they were from the IRS. The message also stated that the legal department had reviewed her returns and found fraud, telling her to call a number to avoid legal action.

The phone numbers my client said they used are:
They were reported to the IRS and the IRS will try to find out who it is. If this happens to you – either by phone or email, go here to report it:

It’s supposed to sound serious and scary – that’s how the scammers get access to your personal information, bank accounts, and credit cards. DON’T GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION! HANG UP! OR DON’T CALL BACK!

The IRS will NEVER EVER make a first contact by phone, and by regulation must make a first contact via snail mail. Only after several letters from them and responses by the taxpayer will anything go to collections if taxes are owed. Rarely does anything go to their legal department for fraud investigation.

(If you filed a fraudulent return, you’ll know it because you’re dishonest anyway, and you will have consciously done it on purpose. And you will get caught. So just don’t do it.)