02/17/2016 – IRS SCAM ALERT!!

A client just received the email copied below.  PLEASE understand, the IRS will NEVER make first contact via email – or phone – ALWAYS SNAIL MAIL.  The IRS will not email you unless they absolutely have no other way to contact you and ONLY if they had contacted you about the EXACT issue already once before.  I copied the email exactly as my client received it, note the bad use of proper English, sentence structure, spelling, and grammar.  Here’s what my client received:

From: lrs.secure.taxp.service@gmavt.net
Subject: Importart Email Regarding Your IRS Data. Immediate Action is Required
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 2016 05:18:00 -0600

Dear Tax-payer,
We are reaching out to you in regards to your E-Filing, from the previous year and current year.Our system indicates you have made some changes in your record
and we will like you to Kindly follow the given instructions in order to comply with our new sytem requirements.To avoid future difficulty with Internal Revenue Services.
By filling out the Taxpayer’s information that only you and The Internal Revenue Services know, you can feel even more secure with your yearly Refund, knowing all System information is Up-to-date.
To Proceed, Please find attached HTML Web Page.

  • See Attached for HTML Web Page
  • Download and Save it to your Device Desktop
  • Go to Device Desktop to open the HTML Web Page
  • Continue by Filling your Information

The Internal Revenue Services shall follow-up on Update once submitted, Your Update is Important to us, to avoid any kind of delay with your e-Filing/refund.
The Internal Revenue Service will never share taxpayers personal information with third party.
Internal Revenue Service

–Forwarded Message Attachment–

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