Who Says Accountants Don’t Have a Sense of Humor

02/27/12 – Well, it’s nearly halfway through another grueling tax season for most CPAs.  We need a little break now and then, and one of my colleagues in LinkedIn’s The American Institute of CPAs group started some trouble. 🙂  Accountant Jokes.  Here’s my favorite so far from Tony Spring CPA:

The Pope, an IRS agent, and a CPA meet at the Pearly Gates. While waiting for St Peter to let them in, they begin discussing their respective careers. The Pope explains he performed a couple miracles, brought the Christian faiths closer together, and found inner peace. The IRS agent speaks about being the top revenue raiser in his unit “without sticking it to a lot of taxpayers.” The CPA talks of minimizing clients’ tax liabilities while remaining true to the profession. As the three reach St Peter , they agree to get together later to see how each is doing in Heaven.

Stepping in front of the other two the IRS agent tells St Peter how he tried to be moral in his pursuit of tax revenues. St Peter invites the IRS agent in to Heaven, and introduces the agent to an angel explaining the angel will take him to his quarters in Heaven.

The Pope motions for the CPA to go ahead. The CPA makes her case to St Peter while emphasizing her efforts to balance the needs of the client with the demands of the profession. St Peter invites her in gesturing to an angel that takes the CPA to her new quarters.

The Pope begins to explain the good he did on earth, but is interrupted by St Peter who recognizes the Pope. An angel appears who leads the Pope to his quarters in heaven.

As planned, the three meet and talk about their first day in Heaven. The Pope talks about how pleased he is with his simple studio apartment with its desk and chair, comfortable twin bed, and the window that looks out over heaven. The CPA, it little puzzled, mentions her little studio sounds just like the Pope’s, but explains she is really quite pleased with it, and, surely, she doesn’t deserve more than the Pope got. The IRS agent proceeds to tell about his two bedroom apartment with the jacuzzi bathtub, the huge deck off the living room, the commercial barbeque, and the full-time cook and butler. The IRS agent is clearly puffed up about the nice apartment he scored.

Puzzled by the disparity of the three apartments, eventually the CPA goes to St Peter and explains what she learned. Surely, the IRS agent ended up in the apartment meant for the Pope. St Peter assures her nothing is wrong. “We have plenty of Popes and CPAs, but he is our first IRS agent.